Honest. Dependable.
Highly specialized manufacturer with a large
co-packing and private label
production capacity.
Award Winning
Our expertise has produced
many award winning dairy products.
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About Us

Penn Dairy is a highly specialized manufacturer with a large production capacity. We use the best combination of traditional and innovative methods to produce the best quality dairy products. This is an SQF Certified manufacturing facility. Additional certifications include: Non-GMO Project Verified, Organic, Halal, Circle K Kosher, Super Kosher and Grade A Certified.

We work with many Private Label customers and partners in co-packing. Penn Dairy’s high quality products are the result of our innovation and commitment to the dairy industry.


Our Products

All of our dairy products are produced in the heart of Pennsylvania. Our expertise has produced many award winning dairy products.

There is a wide variety of dairy products to choose from both Cheese and Yogurt products. Starting from our famous Swiss cheese, derived from a unique formula from the 1970’s, is a fine textured cheese packed with buttery and nutty flavor. We also craft a variety of different cheeses including: White/Yellow Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Gouda, Muenster, and Custom-Made Cheeses from regional privately owned Farms.


Our Commitment

Penn Dairy is committed to involvement in Food Hunger. We are working on developing programs and are partnering with organizations in the local community to provide hunger relief. We help the dairy industry by receiving surplus milk from local organizations to make cheese for foodbanks throughout several counties in Pennsylvania. This surplus milk would have been discarded, adding to the 150,000 tons of food waste America produces every single day.

Our Awards